French Toast Monte Cristo Sandwich Recipe

This French Toast Monte Cristo Sandwich recipe is prefect for brunch. Monte Cristo sandwiches are basically a  cross between grilled cheese and french toast, with ham added. Think of them as a french toast grilled ham and cheese. You can make a Monte Cristo sandwich with a variety of cheeses. This recipe uses Emmentaler cheese, but you can easily substitute ... Read More »

German Mohnschnecken Poppy Seed Roll Recipe

Mohnschnecken is a German Poppy seed roll that  is a traditional item found in just about any German bakery. They also are traditional Hungarian poppy seed rolls.  Finding them in the United States, however, is rather difficult.  Fortunately, Mohnschnecken is not difficult to make! The rolls made here are done thicker, but you can also slice them thinner and bake them ... Read More »