15 Easy Vegan Dinners

Looking for easy vegan dinners? This roundup has fifteen taste tested approved dinners for you to try. My personal favorites are the stuffed avocados, cauliflower tacos, and the faux bacon BLTs. Raw Avocado Pesto Zucchini Noodles Balsamic Berry Vegan Grilled Cheese Tofu bacon BLTs Chickpea ‘Tuna’ Stuffed Avocados Gingery Thai Kale Salad with Cashew Dressing Creamy Mushroom Risotto (Vegan + ... Read More »

Contest! Win and $80 Amazon Gift Card!

This fun group of lifestyle bloggers is giving away a $80 amazon gift card. To enter, use the rafflecopter widget (wait for it to load). Void where prohibited. Good luck!  Beauty by Miss L | Hey Sabrina Faith | Justina’s Gems   Home in High Heels | Stephanie Louise ATB | Jessica J.Marie | Geniabeme | Snack Rules  | Recipe ... Read More »

Fallback Friday: Amy’s Cheese Enchilada Review

So, for the Foodie Friday group, we are looking at what our fallback items are. That is, what we do when we are too busy to cook. As it would happen, I have had one of those weeks and my fallback is always a healthy frozen meal. I’m pretty picky about frozen stuff. It has to be good for me ... Read More »

6 Russian Dishes to Celebrate the Sochi Olympics

As I sit here watching the winter Olympics in Sochi Russia, I am reminded that Recipe Mash has a good selection of Russian recipes! And Russian food is often quite unique. Trying something new is always good!  So, to celebrate the Olympics, why not try a Russian dish or two? Several of these you may have never heard of. Others ... Read More »

Awesome Ikea Kitchen Remodel Ideas

I adore Ikea for interesting and attractive kitchen furniture and items, and and I particularly love Ikea kitchens. If you are looking for an affordable DIY kitchen remodel and need ideas, Ikea is a great place to look. You can get both kitchen remodel ideas there and you can get the actual cabinets, counters and furniture as well. The stores ... Read More »

Magnet Showroom Visit to Check out some of their New Products

  Our network; Glam’s invitation coincided with your humble author moving into a new London pad.  I’m in serious kitchen mode, along with bathroom, lighting, flooring, and furniture-mode.  Somewhere within that list comes paying-for-it-all mode, but I haven’t yet figured out exactly where in the list it’ll feature. So, an invite?  But to where?  To Magnet’s Wigmore Street showroom, where ... Read More »

[VIDEO] How to make a Turducken

Turducken.  Yes, you read that right.  A chicken in a duck in a turkey.  Impossible?  Not at all.  Check out this video for how to make the perfect Turducken.   Read More »

[VIDEO] How to Make your own Red Bull

Red Bull.  To some: delicious and energy-giving, to others: an imminent trip to the toilet.  Regardless, few dispute its usefulness as a pick-me-up, but if you’re drinking a lot of it (note: we don’t recommend that at all), it’s easy to feel guilty.  Find out how to make Red Bull, gourmet-style, in this video.   Read More »