[VIDEO] How much Food does $5 buy you Around the World?

Nothing overly shocking in this video, but nonetheless, it’s fascinating to see precisely what basic food staples you can buy with five dollars.  Of course, this is not in any way weighted against average wages or earnings in different countries.  If it was a video of food you could buy with average earnings in the countries mentioned; the results would ... Read More »

The Best Beer Adverts ever! (The definitive list)

Beer ads, or “beer commercials” as you Americans insist on saying are often the only things worth watching during an ad break.  Creative and hilarious (though not always), the stereotype that beer adverts are always sexist or misogynist is largely unfounded, as the following examples (in our opinion, the best ads ever) should attest.  Here are our favourite beer commercials ... Read More »

Here are the four OFFICIAL Chicken McNugget Shapes

We previously (comically) alluded to “9 individual nugget shapes”, referring indirectly to McDonald’s conspicuous standardisation of their Chicken McNuggets.  Nobody eating more than 6 at a time can miss the similarities in the chicken “shapes” they’re shovelling down.  And to be honest, we thought that 9 was probably about right.  Well, it turns out it’s only four.  Only four different ... Read More »

Recipe Mash Steak Guide, Part 1: How to Choose the Right Steak

Choosing your Steak The two principal factors that should determine your choice of steak are tenderness, and flavour.  The different cuts of steak, coming from different parts of the animal, will have different levels of fat content (contributing to flavour) and will have worked more or less (harder working muscle = typically less tender). Here’s a reasonably thorough run down ... Read More »

How to Cook on a Budget: The Definitive Guide to Eating Cheaply

Cooking on a budget isn’t difficult.  Anyone who is prepared to plan, be creative, and be strict on food waste can eat delicious, healthy meals every day, whilst spending a minimal amount of money.  If you’re financially poor, you must make sure you’re a little richer in terms of time, and inventiveness. Typically, a food budget is increased by unplanned ... Read More »