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How to Bake Carrot Cake Cupcakes

I love carrot cake and I love cupcakes. So why not put them together? These carrot cake cupcakes are the easy way to serve up carrot cake for either breakfast or dessert.   These carrot cake cupcakes can be made with either a buttermilk glaze or a cream cheese frosting. The recipe card gives the ingredients and directions for both. ... Read More »

How to Make a Wet Burrito

Ever wondered how to make a wet burrito? Wet Burritos are sauce or gravy covered burritos, usually with the additional of cheese on top. They are sort of like a combination of burritos and enchiladas. It is a Tex Mex dish that typically is served with a spicy brown gravy   This wet burrito recipe includes the traditional brown gravy. ... Read More »

German Mohnschnecken Poppy Seed Roll Recipe

Mohnschnecken is a German Poppy seed roll that  is a traditional item found in just about any German bakery. They also are traditional Hungarian poppy seed rolls.  Finding them in the United States, however, is rather difficult.  Fortunately, Mohnschnecken is not difficult to make! The rolls made here are done thicker, but you can also slice them thinner and bake them ... Read More »