25 Awesome Vintage 1980s Kid’s Cereals [GALLERY]

25 Awesome Vintage 1980s Kid’s Cereals [GALLERY]

80s Kid’s Cereals

No longer with us; forever delicious.  Gone are the days when a movie-tie in promotional cereal could provoke you to pester your parents for a breakfast item containing 300% of your daily allowance of sugar.  Gone are the days too, when cereals could still be thought of as appealing if they were outrageously flavoured (artificially of course) and represented the entire colour spectrum.

The gallery above represents the perfect snapshot of arguably the peak of Kid’s breakfast cereal exploitation – the convergence of big money, food technology, mass media promotion, and a total apathy about what we were all eating.  To an extent, some remnants of these era survive, although to find them, you’ll have to be an American.





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