Magnet Showroom Visit to Check out some of their New Products

Magnet Showroom Visit to Check out some of their New Products


Our network; Glam’s invitation coincided with your humble author moving into a new London pad.  I’m in serious kitchen mode, along with bathroom, lighting, flooring, and furniture-mode.  Somewhere within that list comes paying-for-it-all mode, but I haven’t yet figured out exactly where in the list it’ll feature.

So, an invite?  But to where?  To Magnet’s Wigmore Street showroom, where I checked out a couple of their new products, namely their Sound Bar unit, and their Illusion sink; both pictured above.

The Sound Bar is a pretty stylish piece of kit, that sits completely flush between kitchen cupboard units.  The grey grille does let you know it’s a speaker, but it isn’t so incongruous as to feel out of place in a kitchen.  Running via Bluetooth, it connects to a mobile phone or computer and streams music wirelessly.  It lights up with the familiar blue Bluetooth LED when active, and kicks out a hefty kick.

The Illusion sink is a very neat sink unit that effectively packs itself away to allow an extra jigsaw piece of counter top to be fitted in it’s place.  The tap ascends and descends, and the removable counter sits completely flush to the rest of the top.  It’s grooved and can drain, so it’s a good place to let washing up dry when stuffed for space (as most of us in the capital are).  It’s a heavy piece of kit (in weight), as the Magnet counter tops are pretty dense (no rubbish here) and the removable piece is of full thickness, in fact it’s fair to say that the whole thing is pretty bomb proof.

There was plenty to see and get inspired by, particularly the smart use of LEDs through glass or under-lighting the skirting of the floor kitchen units, as well as having a good poke at all the Magnet materials.  All in all, sufficient food for thought.  Kitchen stays at the top of my list.

Magnet provides a flexible full circle service that includes a smart design service, a 15 year cabinet guarantee, free home survey and the unique Smart Care service. The Sound Bar system is a system that can not only be incorporated into the Integra Astral Grey kitchen, it can also be fitted with many other Magnet kitchens.

To find out more about Magnet’s range of kitchens or to locate your nearest store, visit




Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Magnet via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Magnet.

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