Awesome Ikea Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Awesome Ikea Kitchen Remodel Ideas

I adore Ikea for interesting and attractive kitchen furniture and items, and and I particularly love Ikea kitchens. If you are looking for an affordable DIY kitchen remodel and need ideas, Ikea is a great place to look. You can get both kitchen remodel ideas there and you can get the actual cabinets, counters and furniture as well. The stores offer some great design resources, and I love to just look at them for inspiration. The stores set up little rooms so you can see all of the cabinets and furniture in action.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Pictures

Photo Credit  jeremyfoo (Flickr Creative Commons)

I adore the red cabinets in this picture. Ikea kitchen cabinets tend to be rather modern in design and often are available in bright colors.  You can use the store’s design system and kitchen planner to layout your new space.

Ikea Red Kitchen

Photo Credit: Sarah Ackerman (Flickr Creative Commons)

Ikea also does white very well. This Ikea white kitchen mixes in red for a modern and clean look. I love how the white cabinets contrast with the gray and red backsplash. And by the way, if you need kitchen backsplash ideas, Ikea is a another great place to look.

Ikea White Kitchen

Photo Credit: Cripics (Flickr Creative Commons)

If you just want to make just a few changes, consider updating smaller items, such as your kitchen hardware. Add some new furniture and different paint colors, and your kitchen can be refreshed with little actual remodeling. Or, make a little breakfast nook like this one below using Ikea stainless steel furniture.

Ikea Kitchen Design Ideas

Photo Credit: Sarah Ackerman (Flickr Creative Commons)

If you have an Ikea near you, drop in and get a catalog. It will be full of picture of cabinets, furniture and accessories for your remodeling inspiration. Even if you don’t plan to buy there, it is a wonderful place to get kitchen remodeling ideas.  Also, don’t forget that there is an Ikea kitchen planner in store and online for you to further work out the details.


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