Fallback Friday: Amy’s Cheese Enchilada Review

Fallback Friday: Amy’s Cheese Enchilada Review

So, for the Foodie Friday group, we are looking at what our fallback items are. That is, what we do when we are too busy to cook. As it would happen, I have had one of those weeks and my fallback is always a healthy frozen meal. I’m pretty picky about frozen stuff. It has to be good for me and hopefully tastes good as well. This week, I grabbed an Amy’s Cheese Enchilada meal as my fallback.

I also as a side thought snapped pictures of it before I even knew I would be writing this.  If I had thought it through more, I would have staged it better or at least used a better plate. So you get to see not only my fall back meal, but my cheap  fall back dishes as well. I usually only use these for quick frozen meals!

Amys cheese enchilada review

I love Amy’s frozen meals because they are natural, organic, and also generally really tasty. I think most, if not all, of their meals are also vegetarian. Further, this one was gluten free.  I had not had the cheese enchilada before and boy was it good! This tasted pretty darn close to restaurant quality and that is really rare in any frozen meal, even the best of them. Everything tasted fresh and had good flavor.

Amys cheese enchilada

Amy’s meals are more expensive than most frozen items, but I think they are well worth it. I have yet to be disappointed and this one is going to end up in my regular rotation!     

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  1. I love Amy’s frozen meals! The burrito one you show here is so good. I especially love this if I have a little salsa to put on it. Such a tasty back up meal, thanks for sharing!!

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