6 Russian Dishes to Celebrate the Sochi Olympics

6 Russian Dishes to Celebrate the Sochi Olympics

As I sit here watching the winter Olympics in Sochi Russia, I am reminded that Recipe Mash has a good selection of Russian recipes! And Russian food is often quite unique. Trying something new is always good!  So, to celebrate the Olympics, why not try a Russian dish or two?

Russian Olympics Food

Several of these you may have never heard of. Others are timeless classics. Here are six to try.

Paprika Chicken

(1) Chicken Paprikash: Originally from Hungary, this is a tasty stew made with chicken and bell peppers.

Beef Stroganoff

(2) Beef Stroganoff: A classic of beef tips served in a sour cream sauce over egg noodles.


(3) Kulebyaka: This Russian meat pie is often beautifully decorated. Our recipe makes it with mushrooms and garlic. You may never have heard of it, but you should definitely try it! Yum!


(4) Fish in Aspic: This is a gelatin salad. Yes, fish in gelatin may sound off to some, but in reality it is a rather tasty treat.


(5) Borscht: The classic beet stew that is loved by many and yet also never tried by many. Go try it!

Mushroom Artichoke Strudel

(6) Mushroom and Artichoke Strudel: A classic filo crust strudel made with savory mushrooms.

Which will you try?


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